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Yamaha EC-03


Fun and emissions-free, the pure electric EC-03 gives city-dwellers a totally new way to commute. With its comfortable upright seating, user-friendly design and digital LCD display, it's remarkably easy to use.


Charging from common wall sockets, it's slim and light enough to wheel into the office - but on the road, punchy enough to take you round town fast. For times when an extra boost is required, switch from Standard to Power mode at the touch of a button.


As well as its low environmental impact, the EC-03 offers silent operation, and - thanks to its reliance on electricity rather than petrol - exceptionally low running costs. This is urban travel for a new generation.  


Switch, Change Is Good  Yamaha EC-03  Yamaha EC-03



Giant Hybrid Cycling Technology


 Giant Hybrid

What makes Hybrid Cycling Technology so different from other “electric” bicycles out on the road? The answer lies in a host of technological features that work in unison with your own body’s power output—a seamless extension of your own capabilities.


1. Ride Control   2. Pedal Plus   3. 12 Driver Unit   4. Energy Pak   5. Sync Drive


Giant Hybrid

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